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12 Oct PulseNmore revolutionizes prenatal care

During the COVID 19 pandemic, visiting the doctor can be very dangerous or even deadly, especially for pregnant women who are required to pay regular visits. This is why PulseNmore’ idea to minimize those visits while maintaining contact with our doctor about our unborn baby’s...

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24 Apr Explorer – World’s first 3D Scanner

"Explorer" is the name of the world's first scanner that can capture high quality 3D picture of the entire human body in 20 to 30 seconds. The scanner combines positron emission tomography (PET) and X-ray computed tomography (CT), which reconstructs 360 ° sectional images. The research...

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23 Feb Hyundai’s Exo-Skeleton

Hyundai is not only working on cars, planes or designing heavy equipment but they are also at the foreground of wearable robot technology. The company is bringing walking to paraplegics. Soon, people who have use of their arms but not their legs can use the Hyundai...

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12 Feb Luke Skywalker’s bionic hand

  At Georgia Tech, science fiction has moved closer toward reality. Gil Weinberg, Minoru Shinohara, and Mason Bretan have developed an ultrasonic sensor that allows amputees to individually move the fingers of their prosthetic hands. They've been able to make detailed maps of small muscle movements...

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14 Dec 3D body printing

Nowadays there is a lack of suitable donors, particularly as cars get safer and first-aid becomes more effective. In the UK, for example, you can now expect to wait more than two-and-a-half years for a kidney transplant. Many people therefore die waiting for a transplant. Lots of things are...

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15 Nov Cancer-fighting bacteria

Currently, cancer treatments focus on chemiotherapy or radiotherapy but those methods kill both bad and good cells. In search for a new solution that could only focus on the bad cells, researchers are now developping bacterial treatments. Solutions like directly injecting tumors with bacteria  or genetically modify...

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