Isalys Consulting | When technology puts itself at the service of the blind.
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When technology puts itself at the service of the blind.

09 Apr When technology puts itself at the service of the blind.

According to the World Health Organization, there are more than 36 million blind people and no less than 217 million weak sighted in the world and these figures could continue to increase significantly in the future. It has become a critical issue. Science has shown us time and time again that it can meet these kinds of challenges. When it comes to the medical field, it reveals all its ingenuity to accomplish the unrealistic.

This is how Israelian start-up CorNeat Vision claimed to be able to treat and cure any kind of visual impairment through a miraculous device: a completely synthetic artificial cornea. This was a turning point for medical advances because this artificial cornea has helped to become a new alternative to prostheses. Keratoprothesis, which is generally used as a transplant for patients with total or partial blindness, is not readily accessible because it requires donations. The new CorNeat Vision implant is intended to be available to everyone in a simple and fast operation. The first experiment involved implanting the artificial cornea into the eye of a 78-year-old man whose eyesight had deteriorated over time. The cornea is integrated into the different ocular tissues to allow stimulation of the cells of the eye.

Following the success of this operation, the start-up would like to conquer the international market from 2022 but continues to pursue its human trials. The aim is to really improve the living conditions of these blind people. From an alarming observation was born a very inspiring approach that gives a glimmer of hope to future patients from all over the world.

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