Isalys Consulting | Robot dogs help health care workers
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Robot dogs help health care workers

11 May Robot dogs help health care workers

Prototypes of Spot robot dogs, created by Boston Dynamics, have recently been marketed for a hundred thousand euros.

Unlike real dogs, these robots are endowed with an incredible artificial intelligence and their autonomy guarantees their success on any type of field and in any situation. More than 400 companies in the world of construction, nuclear and mining, profit from the existence of such a machine.

The Spot robot dog is provided with a technology that makes it possible to automate or remotely control it and even to receive instant video transmissions of its interventions. Its articulated arms allow it to easily grasp objects. This small mechanical animal is indeed very practical to operate repetitive tasks, physical or even dangerous for humans.

Most recently, he was deployed to a hospital in Boston. With distancing measures in place, its role is to be the primary communication tool, intermediary for nurse-to-nurse interactions with Covid patients via a digital screen and speaker.

Furthermore, it is expected that the robot dog will be able to integrate the next cleaning teams for the disinfection of tributary areas.

Today the model is still being updated to become more efficient and able to meet specific needs.

As you will have understood, the dog remains the most popular animal and even when it comes to making a robotic copy.

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