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11 May Some questions to our ISA-Business Managers

Business Managers are responsible for the management of day-to-day activities in their organization and have to ensure that the company is reaching its business development goals. We hold an interview with two of our ISA-Business Managers to ask them 20 questions about their job. How...

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05 May Obstacle avoidance using a 3D camera

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich have developed a new navigation system for blind people. What is their solution? Combining a 3D camera capable of detecting obstacles with a haptic feedback system.  Navigation and obstacle avoidance are some of the most difficult tasks for the...

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07 Apr Meet our new ISA consultant Willy!

                Could you introduce yourself and describe your position at ISALYS? Hi, my name is Willy and I’m from Brazil. I have over twenty years of professional experience in electrical engineering in large multinational industries. My role as an ISA consultant is to provide solutions to...

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30 Mar Focus on ISALYS Augmented Management

ISALYS AM is specialized in augmented transition management and provides operational solutions to its clients. Baptise Siauve-Huard, Development Manager of ISALYS AM spoke with us to shed light on this unique branch of ISALYS Group.  What is exactly ISALYS AM?  IAM is a consulting company, just like ISALYS Consulting...

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25 Feb Washable and stretchable batteries

Researchers from the University of British Columbia created what could be the first battery that is both stretchable and washable. Even after being thrown in the laundry or being twisted or stretched twice to its normal length, the battery could still be working. This is...

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04 Oct Meet our Talent Officer Anne!

Who are you? I am a Talent Officer at Isalys Belgium, and I joined the company this month, in mid-September 2021. Originally, I am from a small town in the South of Germany.  I studied Romance Philology – Spanish and French – with a focus on...

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