Isalys Consulting | PulseNmore revolutionizes prenatal care
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PulseNmore revolutionizes prenatal care

12 Oct PulseNmore revolutionizes prenatal care

During the COVID 19 pandemic, visiting the doctor can be very dangerous or even deadly, especially for pregnant women who are required to pay regular visits. This is why PulseNmore’ idea to minimize those visits while maintaining contact with our doctor about our unborn baby’s health is the perfect solution.

PulseNmore’s new device is an at home ultrasound device that you attach to the bottom of your phone and connect to an app. Pregnant women can perform the exam themselves or with their partners using the instructions from the app and then easily share the results with their doctors. In the initial study, 95% of the scans were clear and easily readable by physicians.

See the video below:

More information here:

PulseNmore At-Home Tele-Ultrasound for Pregnant Women