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24 Nov The future electrical car

Drive an electrical car exists for few years now. But the main problem is the autonomy and the time of batteries'charge to convince drivers to buy an electrical car. Fisker automotive company is now developping a new type of battery and propose 800 km of autonomy with...

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17 Oct Airbone wind turbine

Airbone wind turbine could be an alternative to other types of energy (diesel power or renewable) Fuel energy is too expensive and non-ecological. On the other hand, renewable energy curentyl depends on weather, mainly provided by the sun or wind. But there is always wind 600m above the...

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14 Sep How could we tranform movement into energy?

In order to reduce more and more our consumption of electric energy, different researchers develop new materials and process to transform physical movements into energy. For exemple, rechearch engineers have now created a twisted wire made of carbon nanotubes that produces current when stretched. Woven into clothing,...

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01 Aug A cell phone without battery

The world needs more and more energy, so how could we reduce our consumption? Well, we already think about turn off light when you leave a room but now we could imagine using our cell phone without battery! In fact, a crew in University of Washington developed...

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