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And you, what are you doing to preserve our beautiful planet on your scale?

25 Feb And you, what are you doing to preserve our beautiful planet on your scale?

Promote local and sustainable ? It is possible! The company Galette de Luc shows us that such feat is achievable.

Celles at Houyet in Belgium, one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, houses an atypical manufacturing plant: The Galette de Luc. For nearly 10 years, the Belgian brand has been known in the region for their tasty waffles 100% artisanal.

Its creator, Luc Mathot, was accompanied by outstanding partners who enabled it to develop an ingenious social, environmental and economic strategy without precedent. This echoes recent protests related to climate change. Awareness of the natural environment is an issue that businesses can no longer escape.

The young Namurois had, first of all, been challenged by certain sorting practices that he considered doubtful and inadequate with the ecological values that animate him. With this in mind, he set out to find innovative solutions with BEP, an incubator specialising in sustainable development projects in the province of Namur and with Biospace, a renewable energy processing centre.

By raising awareness among its peers, the Galette de Luc has succeeded in investing in wind energy and recycling organic waste to feed its products. The result is spectacular: saving of two thousand euros per month and 1 kg of residual waste generated per week.

Still little marketed in many supermarkets and grocery stores in Belgium, Luc’s waffles have just found their audience in Germany. Active since 2008, the company aims to represent the original, artisanal and Belgian taste at the international level. It is out of passion that he embarked on this adventure but also to pay tribute to the craftsmanship of ancient times that could be found in the region.

Today the Galette of Luc conveys the message of hope for a better future for next generations. At the same time, it shows us that commercial activity can be marked by a sincere and benevolent commitment to the planet.

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