Isalys Consulting | World Engineering Day: the recognition of a quality profession
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World Engineering Day: the recognition of a quality profession

04 Mar World Engineering Day: the recognition of a quality profession

This Thursday 4th of March is a day that UNESCO – the United Nation World Organization – has dedicated to the contributions of engineers through their technical advances that make our environment better, all over the world. It is an opportunity to celebrate the current achievements of engineers and their impact on our planet.


In terms of sustainable development, engineering is a crucial sector in different fields of activity: science, technology, informatics, etc. When it comes to sustainability, in addition to taking an ecological perspective, it takes into account the economic and human plan to create strategies.


Today, more than ever, our society desire to work towards a world that meets the collective needs of present and future generations. This requires a critical look at the evolution of key environmental resources. To achieve this, the engineer of tomorrow must possess great multidisciplinary skills and be animated by societal cause.


Technological solutions and new processes will thus take place in companies and in our daily lives to encourage us to adopt an alternative and more sustainable attitude.


UNESCO wants to make scientific progress within reach of all. This international incursion project focuses on more than 15 issues such as health, education, intersex equality, struggle against poverty, climate change and many others.


At Isalys, we believe that engineering aims to significantly improve the quality of life of all humanity and in this idea, our ISA-consultants are powerful allies in this quest for renewal.

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Written By:

Marie Nzuamo

Administration & payroll intern