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01 Aug A cell phone without battery

The world needs more and more energy, so how could we reduce our consumption? Well, we already think about turn off light when you leave a room but now we could imagine using our cell phone without battery! In fact, a crew in University of Washington developed...

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18 Jul Electricity from hydrogel

In China and USA, researchers have developed a skin-like, biocompatible triboelectric nanogenerator that is both highly stretchable and transparent. That object,  made by sandwiching a layer of ionic hydrogel (which acts as an electrode) between two elastomer films (which act as an electrification layer), converts mechanical motion into...

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13 Jun Electricity from footsteps?

  The Pavagen Technology was created to use people's steps (and weight) in order to produce electricity. Tiles are made from recycled polymers (and truck tires for the top) and hide an electromagnetic system. Power is generated when a footfall compresses the slab and causes electromagnetic induction generators...

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21 Nov Typhoon turbines in Japan

Today, Japan imports about 84% of its energy requirements, and many of its nuclear reactors are now dormant, as the country shies away from this energy source. Attempts at utilizing wind power have been largely unsuccessful. "For decades, Japan has brought in European-style wind turbines, not designed...

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