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20 Oct Self-flying electric taxi in Dubai

Last summer Dubai was the first city to test electric, autonomous AND flying taxis. This self-flying taxi, developped by a small german company, can pick two persons up and drive them to their destintion without a pilot. It has a power autonomy of 23 minutes. A good...

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17 Oct Airbone wind turbine

Airbone wind turbine could be an alternative to other types of energy (diesel power or renewable) Fuel energy is too expensive and non-ecological. On the other hand, renewable energy curentyl depends on weather, mainly provided by the sun or wind. But there is always wind 600m above the...

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13 Oct A fully electric aircraft?

Electric cars represent one of the most significant innovations of the 21st century. With this success, it seems only natural that companies start studying ways to produce electric aircafts also. The Wright Electric company would like to take up this challenge. The Wright brothers were the first to try out motor aricrafts. This was 114 years ago...

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13 Jun Electricity from footsteps?

  The Pavagen Technology was created to use people's steps (and weight) in order to produce electricity. Tiles are made from recycled polymers (and truck tires for the top) and hide an electromagnetic system. Power is generated when a footfall compresses the slab and causes electromagnetic induction generators...

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23 Feb World’s First Pollinating Drone to help Bees

Researchers have developed a remote-controlled pollinator using a miniature drone equipped with a sticky gel, in what could be a glimpse of the future as more and more bee species become endangered. With extinction pressures on bees and the world's other natural pollinators estimated to threaten...

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15 Feb Wattway – World’s First Solar Road – In France

French officials have opened the world's first solar road in the region of Normandy, unveiling a 1-kilometre-long (0.6-mile-long) route covered in 2,880 photovoltaic panels. The trial roadway, called Wattway, passes through the small town of Tourouvre-au-Perche.Wattaway believes a one -kilometer stretch of road can provide electricity...

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