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12 Mar Goodyear AERO : Tires for Flying Cars

This year at the Geneva International Motor show Goodyear presented their newest prototype called Aero. It is a two-in-one tire designed for the autonomous, flying cars of the future. The wheel can be used on the road but also can change into a propeller for flying...

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04 Apr Dex-Net – 99% Precision Grasping

A team of American researchers from the Autolab group, led by Ken Goldberg developed a robot with great dexterity. Called Dex-Net, this robot composed of a neural network, a high-resolution 3D sensor and equipped with two arms (one with a suction pad and the other a...

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08 Dec Artificial Intelligence built other Ais

Google's AutoML project, designed to make AI build other AIs, has now created a “child” that outperformed all of its human-made counterparts. For this child AI, called NASNet, its tasks was recognizing objects - people, cars, animals,  handbags,..-in a video in real time : it is a new...

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08 Aug “Welcome to the age of assistance! “

This was Guillaume Bacuvier (VP EMEA Platform sales & value-added services Google)'s opening speech for the "E-Commerce One to One" gathering in France in March 2017. Indeed, people have been using their mobile phone with internet for quite some time now. Either to make a call, text,...

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