Isalys Consulting | “Welcome to the age of assistance! “
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“Welcome to the age of assistance! “

08 Aug “Welcome to the age of assistance! “

This was Guillaume Bacuvier (VP EMEA Platform sales & value-added services Google)’s opening speech for the “E-Commerce One to One” gathering in France in March 2017.

Indeed, people have been using their mobile phone with internet for quite some time now. Either to make a call, text, check for the weather, control the agenda, look out a specific restaurant, cosmetic product, or service. This was seen as a big step ahead in helping people with their daily activities.

Today, as the Internet has become embedded in many more devices, great brands like Google begin reconsidering the impact of the Internet on human life. This is why they day we are entering the “age of assistance”. 

As you’ll see in the video below, Google presented  “Google Home” a device that incorporates all existing technologies in order to better  and more effectively assist with domestic requests.

It seems that what was yesterday considered as Sci-Fi is seen as realistic today.

The big question remains, how connected do we need to be in order to fully enjoy our daily activities and what about personal data protection and privacy ?

Have a look on the video:

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