Isalys Consulting | Meet our new ISA consultant Willy!
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Meet our new ISA consultant Willy!

07 Apr Meet our new ISA consultant Willy!









Could you introduce yourself and describe your position at ISALYS?

Hi, my name is Willy and I’m from Brazil. I have over twenty years of professional experience in electrical engineering in large multinational industries. My role as an ISA consultant is to provide solutions to project management activities, establish a link between clients and teams, and deal with technical and project management issues. I’m now working on a project related to green hydrogen for a plant in Spain. 

Why did you choose to leave Brazil and how did your integration undergo? 

In 2015, I worked in Brazil on a French project and was able to learn the language. After that experience, I wanted to start an international career, which is why I applied to ISALYS. When I received an invitation from ISALYS last year for an interview, I knew it was the perfect occasion to relocate and embark on this exciting adventure. Everyone greeted me with a warm welcome when I arrived and helped me get all the necessary information. As an expatriate, you must be extremely well prepared for your departure. 

What are the cultural and professional shock that you’ve already experienced? 

I’ve only been in Belgium for a month, but I’ve noticed a few things that may seem amusing to you, but that surprised me. I’m not making a judgement, but I feel like things are more automated here, and that less people are involved in many situations of day life. Just to give one example, when you get to the gas station in Brazil, there will be someone for you to assist you. Regarding the working culture, I’ve noticed that if I have a suggestion or opinion about something, I must be more careful and cautious than in Brazil if I want to disagree. It’s more of a politeness thing.

Would you like to share your favorite places in Brazil for us? 

I’d like to share two locations. First, Recife, the city where I was born. It’s located in the Northeast of Brazil, where the weather is nice, and you can find many beaches. The second place Curitiba, where I relocated afterwards. The city is incredibly stunning and is often considered the best Brazilian Big city in which to live, with many parks and exuberant nature. 

What do you usually do on your spare time? 

Because I’m an expatriate and this is my first time in Belgium, I would really love to visit Brussels. I’ve already visited one museum, and some parks and I definitively plan to visit more in the future. Also, I really enjoy outdoor activities and I’m sure there are many interesting things that I could do in Belgium.