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Focus on ISALYS Augmented Management

30 Mar Focus on ISALYS Augmented Management

ISALYS AM is specialized in augmented transition management and provides operational solutions to its clients. Baptise Siauve-Huard, Development Manager of ISALYS AM spoke with us to shed light on this unique branch of ISALYS Group. 

What is exactly ISALYS AM? 

IAM is a consulting company, just like ISALYS Consulting Belgium, which is specialized in augmented transition management. We work with independent consultants who are either freelancers, employed on a day-to-day basis, or on a wage portage contract. We have a database of over 600 qualified transition managers working in a variety of industries, including banking and insurance, real estate, retail, and more. We have already opened large accounts and worked with both small and large businesses.

What is Augmented Transition Management? 

ATM is an operating mode. Our independent consultants work on general management or support function issues on the top or middle management level. After understanding the client’s needs and analysing its business and market, ISALYS AM proposes the best solution to help the client’s business perform. And we call it Augmented because we monitor the projects in a very result-oriented and pragmatic manner. We provide numerous follow-ups. This is referred to as the agile mode.

What are IAM’s main activities?

ISALYS Augmented Management produces solutions designed to optimize the transformation effort of our clients and to accompany them through managerial transitions.

Our bias is to capitalize on the expertise of experienced consultants, who can bring business expertise and sectorial vision in order to accelerate the experience curve of our clients. They are qualified for their ability to intervene in operational mode in order to produce tangible and measurable deliverables. 

Here are some examples of our interventions:

  • Business support: CFO reinforcement, structuring of legal functions, professionalization of purchasing processes;
  • Deployment of strategic action plans;
  • Post-acquisition integration;
  • Re-engineering of activities and processes;
  • Revitalization of business development;
  • Cross-functional project management – PMO;
  • Organizational adjustments following technological or regulatory disruptions
  • Deployment of CSR values and control of activities on the environment

What are ISALYS AM’s perspectives?

In the coming years, we hope to become a significant player in the Transition Management market by becoming a real company with its own know-how, similar to ISALYS Belgium. We would like to continue assisting companies in their performance, build a strong team of Business Managers and establish divisions. To grow further, we are looking for an experienced Business Manager in 2022, as well as someone on the support part.