Isalys Consulting | First commercial trip in space at the end of 2021…
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First commercial trip in space at the end of 2021…

02 Jul First commercial trip in space at the end of 2021…


Elon Musk wants to offer humanity the first commercial flights to space in the near future. A journey that will no longer be reserved for astronauts but open to ordinary people starting with the luckiest.

Four individuals, each with atypical life experience, were selected for the Inspiration4 space mission expected at the end of 2021. The first lucky guy is the investor and project commander, Jared Isaacman, a rich American businessman. The second passenger is none other than Dr. Sian Proctor. It is announced that she will be the first black African-American woman to fly a spaceship. Chris Sembroski, an American engineer and a passionate astronomy scholar, is the third member to join the team. Finally, there is also another woman called Hayley Arceneaux, an employee at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Having lost the use of one of her legs due to bone cancer, she will become the youngest female astronaut to wear a prosthesis in space. This four people will have the opportunity to explore the little-known space horizons of the general public and to see the Earth from a cosmic and extraordinary point of view.

If the budget for a trip remains high (estimated at around 50 million dollars per person) and the access very popular, the experience will be unique for its future participants. In practice, the first flight is planned aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft. This ambitious expedition and the next ones will be coordinated by the aerospace company SpaceX, founded by Musk. It will do without its collaboration with NASA for commercial flights and no longer for scientific research.

We will be on the lookout for the latest news to see the outcome of this historic challenge, the space conquest, which is scheduled to launch on September 15.

From now on, this will no longer be science fiction but galaxies will be within everyone’s reach around 2024 according to the optimistic forecasts of the American company. Perhaps you will be part of the next expedition?

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