Isalys Consulting | Eco-responsible homes printed in 3D
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Eco-responsible homes printed in 3D

06 May Eco-responsible homes printed in 3D

If you are one of those who think that the 3D printer is only used to design a variety of everyday accessories, think again! Many professionals use it to develop materials for the industrial and medical sectors.

This is the case of the American startups Mighty Buildings and Icon who have set themselves the ambition to build 100% zero waste housing, a major challenge, but one that promises to overcome the problems of construction costs and the environmental problems that affect our planet.

Printed houses offer many advantages thanks to automation and robotics: low price, time saving, reduced labor and construction waste.

This is a real revolution for the real estate market since the first tests gradually expand. Thus, these houses of the future will be accessible to a large number of people in different cities in the United States.

This project further demonstrates that technology will always bring innovation to more conventional techniques.

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