Isalys Consulting | Print cups in 3D from orange peels
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Print cups in 3D from orange peels

14 Dec Print cups in 3D from orange peels

Carlo Ratti in partnership with global energy company Eni has developed a 3.10 m high juicer which has a double function: firstly to squeeze an orange and secondly to transform the skin into bioplastic.

This is done through a drying and grinding process. The material is then heated and melted. The polymer is transformed into a filament that will be used for 3D cup printing.

Of course the cups once used are themselves recyclable…

“The principle of circularity can be an inspiration for tomorrow’s everyday life objects”, says Carlo Ratti

This is still a test but Mr. Ratti has shown that it works perfectly.

See the video below:

More information here:


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