Isalys Consulting | iBorderCtrl – An A.I. at our borders
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iBorderCtrl – An A.I. at our borders

15 Feb iBorderCtrl – An A.I. at our borders

An artificial intelligence system funded by the European Union and called iBorderCtrl will be tested for six months on the border of Hungary, Latvia and Greece.

Concretely, before crossing the border, travelers must provide their identity documents and stand in front of a webcam to answer multiple questions.

The answers will then be screened by a “new generation” lie detector. Based on a facial recognition technology developed by Manchester Metropolitan University, iBorderCtrl is supposed to evaluate whether the answers given by the individuals are in adequacy with their facial expressions, thanks to the analysis of 38 micro-facial movements. In case of a bad score, the individual suspected of having lied is controlled by real agents.

iBorderCtrl was tested on 32 people before being implemented and has a success rate of 76% for now. But the iBorderCtrl team say they are confident they can increase this to 85%.

See the video below:

More information here: