Isalys Consulting | Transformer Robots in your arteries
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Transformer Robots in your arteries

26 Oct Transformer Robots in your arteries

Made from inorganic biodegradable beads to not trigger an immune response in the body, these tiny microscopic robots are inserted by the vascular surgeon and can be controlled by external magnetic fields.

Their design is much easier to control as the beans turn individually allowing the chain to twist more like a corkscrew.

Once flow is restored in the artery, the microswimmer chains could disperse and be used to deliver anti-coagulant medication directly to the affected area, to prevent future blockage.

Headed by the Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technologies (KEIT) this project was launched in 2015 and was taught to deliver à fully functional solution within four years, with a 80% to 90% success rate.

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