Isalys Consulting | Innovative technology to read fetal brain activities
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Innovative technology to read fetal brain activities

23 Oct Innovative technology to read fetal brain activities

Sans titre1Researchers from the University of Washington developed a new technology to reveal functional activity in fetal brains.
Because babies and small children move a lot during MRIs, the image is often blurred and unreadable. This new approach corrects the motion distortion that takes place during an MRI and permits a full reconstruction of brain activity also in moving subjects.
This allows scientists to study the way in which environement has an impact on the developpement of fetal brains.
For exemple,  they will be able to compare differences in brain activities in premature born babies and full-term ones; see the actual influence of alcohol, drug use or stress, or find prenatal differences that could lead babies to develop nurodevelopmental disorders like autism.
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