Isalys Consulting | Future 100% green boats created by a Belgian company
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Future 100% green boats created by a Belgian company

26 Aug Future 100% green boats created by a Belgian company

The current global issues regarding plastic waste affecting the seabed and our ecosystem are pushing us to seek more and more innovations. The one we are going to talk about today has been of particular interest to us.

A Belgian company has worked on a new project, the creation of the first 100% ecological boat. Its founder, Yoni De Munter, sensitive to environmental challenges, started this idea in early 2020. He asked himself what was happening to the end-of-life boats and observed that the industry was significantly affected by pollution. His determination led him to design new boats based on natural and ecological components that significantly reduced their weight compared to traditional models. His company Eco2boats also wants to recycle old ship for a new, more sustainable use. In addition to this rare quality, the product of Eco2boats has the advantage of possessing a noticeably elegant and modern design.

Today, the company has the ambition to be able to market itself from 2022 thanks to numerous supports of citizens and professionals that will allow it to accelerate its development at the global level and to propose a concrete solution that benefits our beautiful planet.

This is still one of many examples of the impact Belgium can have in terms of the industrial and technological revolution.

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