Isalys Consulting | Meet our consultant Aurélie!
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Meet our consultant Aurélie!

19 Apr Meet our consultant Aurélie!

You have probably met consultants be it in your private or professional sphere. You might also have wondered what it actually consists of. The best way to answer the question is to ask a consultant directly. We have therefore interviewed Aurélie, who started her ISALYS adventure 1 year ago.

Who are you ?

I am an Isa consultant, originally from Alsace, formulation technician, graduate of 2018. I have always been attracted to the health sector. I have worked in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with different dosage forms such as injectables in a controlled atmosphere area, solid forms and semi-solid forms. I joined Isalys in February 2020 and I am specialized in solid forms for our Life Sciences division.

What’s your role at ISALYS ?

My mission is to manufacture drugs in R&D departments, but also to advice project managers throughout the formulation and process of the medications they are developing and that I’m working on. Sometimes I can manufacture and provide drug for clinical trials to the study centre. I use several “toys” on a daily basis for granulation, compression and various characterizations. I am also involved in internal project such as the Isalys newsletter.

Why did you choose Belgium?

I have always traveled a lot during my studies and my professional experiences. After an experience in Ireland, I was looking to get closer to my native Alsace, while continuing to discover new horizons and Belgium was a good compromise.

Why did you choose Isalys ?

My first contact with the ISAteam was really positive. Isalys group is a growing company which support its consultants. By meeting and talking with the team, I’ve quickly felt at ease and recognized myself into the Isalys values. As I am also motivated and passionated by my job I felt it could suit me well. That’s why I’ve chosen Isalys.

How did you experience this 1st year within Isalys?

I arrived a month before the 1st lockdown, I encountered some difficulties, like many people. I was lucky to have a job that required going to the client site and allowed me not to feel isolated and facilitated my integration into the department. After one year I met new people and found a “micro” family in which I feel good!

Also, even if I’m working full time on client site I’m still regularly in touch with my Isa Manager. I know I can contact her for any question or request. I feel that I have her support at any time which is reassuring and important to me mostly during this sanitary crisis.

Any last words ?

Being a consultant is something that I didn’t think would suit me at first. But it allowed me to be specialized easily, widening my scope, seeing more opportunities and enlargement.

Since I’ve joined Isalys, I’m also pleasantly surprised to see another side of the consultant job that I didn’t expect: a career, all the opportunities available to you and the support. My flexibility is definitely in enhancement. Having different expertise within Isalys is really interesting but it also helps me if I have a specific request on a different subject and vice versa. With our specialization we are completing each other. It keeps me motivated more and more. I’m really happy with my decision to join the company.

What do you prefer about Belgium ?

The astounding ease of discovering new local beers

What about you ? Are you ready to join us?

Interview by:

Elodie Schmidt

HR Group Manager