Isalys Consulting | The end of the Asian hornet thanks to the 3D printer?
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The end of the Asian hornet thanks to the 3D printer?

31 Mar The end of the Asian hornet thanks to the 3D printer?

In recent years, the Asian hornet has invaded many European countries, including Belgium and France. Their numbers have never stopped growing. The reason is that this aggressive hornet manage to dominate other insect species and it does not have enough predators to eradicate it completely.

Unfortunately, the damage they cause to the environment is dramatic. The consequences are disastrous for beekeepers because the Asian hornet endangers the hives. In addition to the impact on the honey crap, the issue is imperative because bees also play a crucial role in biodiversity allowing in particular the pollination of the plants. Until now, strategies to reduce the proliferation of Asian hornets in the ecosystem remain limited but this is about to change since a man has revolutionized the systems of hornets traps. His name is Denis Jaffré.

Originally from Brest, this Breton beekeeper has designed a device, using a 3D printer, that will attract and capture queens to prevent reproduction. The results were very promising: on one hand the gradual disappearance of hornets and on the other the return of bees to their activities. As a result, JabeProd was born from this idea and created the relief of several beekeepers. This kind of alternative gives food for thought for future innovations in this sector.

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