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Wing – The Delivery Drone

30 Sep Wing – The Delivery Drone

“Wing” who is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet got the authorization to do deliveries with drones, they were approved as an airline by the US Federal Aviation Authority and are the first one in the United-states.

 The first public drone delivery service will be in Canberra (Australia), approximately 100 houses will be able to receive this service but the company plans to expend their zone. The delivered products will come from local partner stores, the idea being to be able to carry out the orders in only a few minutes like food or medication. However there are restrictions: the drones will only be allowed to fly between a period of time, they can’t fly next to the people, drones will not be allowed to fly over main roads and the customers will have to follow a safety training.

 This new service will decrease the dependency of those who are in reduced mobility, at work or just have no time.

See the video below:

More information here: