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Awakening : Mind-Controlled VR Game

13 Jun Awakening : Mind-Controlled VR Game

“Awakening” is the first VR game that can be controlled with the mind and does not need a controller, the technology is developed by Neurable.

The project is a short video game where the player has to use he’s mind to move objects.

Neurable is a startup that works on brain-computer interface also called “BCI”, their headquarters is in Boston.

The game is played with a virtual reality headset (HTC Vive) that has 7 electrodes on it. The new technology doesn’t use Electroencephalography (EEG) brain patterns to get concentration or relaxation signals but uses EEG to have event-related potentials (ERPs)signals.

That means that the signals are coming from every stimulus that the brain directly gets.

Neurable is still performing demos of “Awakening” at technology and innovation events across all the United-States but the game should be available in arcades soon.

See the video below:


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