Isalys Consulting | CityHawk: The flying taxi that will work on hydrogen
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CityHawk: The flying taxi that will work on hydrogen

23 Oct CityHawk: The flying taxi that will work on hydrogen

Designed by the Israeli company Urban Aeronautics, the CityHawk is a flying taxi project with vertical take-off and landing.

The cabin is 50% larger than a comparable helicopter and the absence of suspended engines and transmissions has eliminated almost all vibration and much of the noise. The first test flights should begin in 2021-2022. The CityHawk will carry up to six passengers, including the pilot.
Urban Aeronautics announces a top speed of 270 km / h and a range of 150 km with five people on board.

But what distinguishes it from the competition is a propulsion fueled with hydrogen, in order to have a flight autonomy greater than that of the battery.

Urban Aeronautics is considering several configurations for CityHawk: Flying Taxi, and Medical Evacuation or Rescue.
The latter will provide the emergency services exactly where they are needed. Even the places that helicopters can not reach.
Medical evacuation, search and rescue, firefighting, recovery of hurricanes and earthquakes, distribution of humanitarian aid are transformed and become available everywhere and at any time, whatever the weather and the terrain.

See the video below:


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