Isalys Consulting | A new cure for HIV?
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A new cure for HIV?

31 Aug A new cure for HIV?

Today, infected HIV patients do antiretroviral therapy in order to put the virus “asleep “.
This kind of treatment is expensive, needs diligence and lasts the entire life because this method cannot kill the virus or cure the patient.

However, a new cure, developed by 5 universities from UK, could be the ultimate solution.

It includes 2 steps:

  • A vaccine injection which helps the patient’s body reconize and differenciate the HIV infected cells
  • A drung administration which activates the immune system of the patient to fight against those cells

50 persons currently follow this cure and one of them seems completly healed.

Although it’s too soon to consider the treatment efficient, this could lead the way to new more succesfull ways to heal.

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