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ISA News

04 Feb What does it mean, being a consultant ?

You have probably met consultants be it in your private or professional sphere. You might also have wondered what it actually consists of. The best way to answer the question is to ask a consultant directly. We have therefore interviewed Rémi, who started his ISALYS...

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03 May Happy Birthday Isalys Group

Happy Birthday Isalys Group! The company was born two years ago and we are now 65 in the ISA-TEAM! So great to live this adventure! We develop the ISA model based on I-nnovation, taylor made S-olutions and A-gility with one vision: Optimizing Industrial Performance of our customers. If you're a...

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20 Mar New Acquisition

  Nous sommes très heureux et très fiers de pouvoir  annoncer l’acquisition par Isalys Group des principaux actifs de la société Pharma Biot’Expert. Avec ce rapprochement, Isalys Life Sciences accueille de nouveaux talents et renforce ainsi son expertise au profit des sociétés pharmaceutiques et biotechnologiques. Les synergies identifiées...

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10 Jul Isalys Karting Event 2017

  An event where Flying Drones met Electrical Karts and 3D Printing.  Our team was happy to explore this innovative environment and welcome our new members.  A great way to loosen up, get to know each other better and celebrate the team effort we all put together this...

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As an innovative engineering firm, Isalys Consulting develops several internal projects named IsaTechnoWatch. These projects are designed to increase our expertise in strategic technical environments. This video about our new 3D printer humbly introduce technologies we are already working on. We are all very proud of the...

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