Isalys Consulting | 2018 March
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March 2018

27 Mar Here is Cora!

Thanks to Google co-founder Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk, flying taxis are getting closer ! The start-up has chosen New Zealand to test its product especially for its uncongested airspace. Named Cora, this autonomous vehicule, designed for two passengers is powered by 12-rotor plane-drone hybride and takes off...

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20 Mar New Acquisition

  Nous sommes très heureux et très fiers de pouvoir  annoncer l’acquisition par Isalys Group des principaux actifs de la société Pharma Biot’Expert. Avec ce rapprochement, Isalys Life Sciences accueille de nouveaux talents et renforce ainsi son expertise au profit des sociétés pharmaceutiques et biotechnologiques. Les synergies identifiées...

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15 Mar Thank you Mr Stephen Hawking

  Stephen Hawking, one of the most influential physicists of the twentieth century and author of A Brief History of Time, has died at the age of 76. The scientits declared, among other things, that " « Black holes may offer a route to another universe »… See the video...

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