Isalys Consulting | 2017 November
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November 2017

24 Nov The future electrical car

Drive an electrical car exists for few years now. But the main problem is the autonomy and the time of batteries'charge to convince drivers to buy an electrical car. Fisker automotive company is now developping a new type of battery and propose 800 km of autonomy with...

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15 Nov Cancer-fighting bacteria

Currently, cancer treatments focus on chemiotherapy or radiotherapy but those methods kill both bad and good cells. In search for a new solution that could only focus on the bad cells, researchers are now developping bacterial treatments. Solutions like directly injecting tumors with bacteria  or genetically modify...

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02 Nov Isalys is a new Partner of University of Louvain

It’s part of ISALYS Group DNA to contribute  to sustainable societal projects directly throw  ISATEAMS involvements or by supporting relevant organizations. For this reason it’s a great pride for us to actively support UCL FOUNDATION “Ingénieux sud”. This organization leads several technical projects in order to contribute to...

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