Isalys Consulting | 2017 October
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October 2017

26 Oct Transformer Robots in your arteries

Made from inorganic biodegradable beads to not trigger an immune response in the body, these tiny microscopic robots are inserted by the vascular surgeon and can be controlled by external magnetic fields. Their design is much easier to control as the beans turn individually allowing the...

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23 Oct Innovative technology to read fetal brain activities

Researchers from the University of Washington developed a new technology to reveal functional activity in fetal brains. Because babies and small children move a lot during MRIs, the image is often blurred and unreadable. This new approach corrects the motion distortion that takes place during an MRI and permits a...

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20 Oct Self-flying electric taxi in Dubai

Last summer Dubai was the first city to test electric, autonomous AND flying taxis. This self-flying taxi, developped by a small german company, can pick two persons up and drive them to their destintion without a pilot. It has a power autonomy of 23 minutes. A good...

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17 Oct Airbone wind turbine

Airbone wind turbine could be an alternative to other types of energy (diesel power or renewable) Fuel energy is too expensive and non-ecological. On the other hand, renewable energy curentyl depends on weather, mainly provided by the sun or wind. But there is always wind 600m above the...

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13 Oct A fully electric aircraft?

Electric cars represent one of the most significant innovations of the 21st century. With this success, it seems only natural that companies start studying ways to produce electric aircafts also. The Wright Electric company would like to take up this challenge. The Wright brothers were the first to try out motor aricrafts. This was 114 years ago...

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