Isalys Consulting | 2017 September
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September 2017

18 Sep Synthetic spinal cord to end paralysis

More and more progress is done everyday for people with disabilities. New prothesis made from different types of materials are now created and used much succes. Other scientists are focused in creating new technology in order to help other disfunctions. Take a look at this video describing...

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14 Sep How could we tranform movement into energy?

In order to reduce more and more our consumption of electric energy, different researchers develop new materials and process to transform physical movements into energy. For exemple, rechearch engineers have now created a twisted wire made of carbon nanotubes that produces current when stretched. Woven into clothing,...

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05 Sep A quick taxi!

How often do you take a cab to go to a meeting ? What about meetings that are in more distant places like 100-150 Km? A car is good enough, but what if there could be a quicker solution ? Zunum Aero, this pioneer in electric aviation...

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