Isalys Consulting | 2017 August
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August 2017

31 Aug A new cure for HIV?

Today, infected HIV patients do antiretroviral therapy in order to put the virus "asleep ". This kind of treatment is expensive, needs diligence and lasts the entire life because this method cannot kill the virus or cure the patient. However, a new cure, developed by 5 universities from...

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08 Aug “Welcome to the age of assistance! “

This was Guillaume Bacuvier (VP EMEA Platform sales & value-added services Google)'s opening speech for the "E-Commerce One to One" gathering in France in March 2017. Indeed, people have been using their mobile phone with internet for quite some time now. Either to make a call, text,...

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03 Aug Hyperloop

You probably already know about Elon Musk who invented Tesla, Paypal or SpaceX. His new innovative project is about mobility: he is developping a very fast new way of transport named the Hyperloop. The Hyperloop would be designed as a tube where "caps" (sort of wagons, see...

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01 Aug A cell phone without battery

The world needs more and more energy, so how could we reduce our consumption? Well, we already think about turn off light when you leave a room but now we could imagine using our cell phone without battery! In fact, a crew in University of Washington developed...

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