Isalys Consulting | 2017 July
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July 2017

27 Jul What if you could feel what is on your screen?

Touching the image of a fish on your smartphone and actually feeling the scales of the real thing ? HAP2U made it possible for you ! This french company developped a system using smart piezo actuators which generate an ultrasonic vibration and controls in real time the friction below...

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18 Jul Electricity from hydrogel

In China and USA, researchers have developed a skin-like, biocompatible triboelectric nanogenerator that is both highly stretchable and transparent. That object,  made by sandwiching a layer of ionic hydrogel (which acts as an electrode) between two elastomer films (which act as an electrification layer), converts mechanical motion into...

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10 Jul Isalys Karting Event 2017

  An event where Flying Drones met Electrical Karts and 3D Printing.  Our team was happy to explore this innovative environment and welcome our new members.  A great way to loosen up, get to know each other better and celebrate the team effort we all put together this...

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